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Why “Made in the USA” Curb Appeal Matters

According to a Consumer Reports survey, nearly 80% of Americans would rather buy American-made products. If you’re among that majority, it’s important to note how manufacturers like Ply Gem Building Products, whose operations are based in the U.S., contribute to economic stability through local job growth and employment and adhere to sustainable and fair manufacturing practices. In light of the upcoming July 4th holiday, here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to use Made in the USA products on your home.

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Inspect Your Roof with the I.O.U. Method

As homeowners, many of us see the end of a heavy storm as our cue to head outside and clean up the yard. We stand the garbage cans back up, clear fallen branches, and make sure our trees, shrubs, and gardens haven’t taken a beating.

by Don Kilcoyne, GAF  | 

The 3 Cs for Choosing a Timeless Roof Style

Imagine committing to a specific haircut for the next 20 to 30 years. Or a particular model of car. Or limiting yourself to eating at one restaurant. Would you ever agree to that? Of course not.

Yet that’s similar to what happens when a homeowner buys a new roof. They pick one color and one style — one “flavor” of roof — that will influence the appearance of their home for many years. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for the protection of a great roof. A well-installed, high-quality roofing system is simply too durable — and too expensive — to replace just because you want to try something new.

by Don Kilcoyne, GAF  | 

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

More often than not, a homeowner will replace the siding on their home once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. So it’s no wonder that many homeowners don’t know how much to budget for a vinyl siding replacement project.

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