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Is your home’s garage door visibly rusted, rotted, or warped? Or maybe operating your garage door is a hassle—it doesn’t reliably open and close, it makes grinding or squeaking noises, or it lets in cold air and wind during the winter months. These situations could be more than an eyesore or inconvenience—they may potentially be unsafe. The professional garage door installers at SRW can assess your current garage door’s condition and recommend a solution.

Thermacore® Garage Door Installation

Thermacore® Garage Doors

Through our partnership with Overhead Door Company of Hartford™, SRW is proud to install Thermacore® garage doors. Constructed of corrosion-resistant steel with polyurethane insulation, Thermacore® garage doors offer the best thermal efficiency on the market. This added insulation provides protection for items stored in your garage, and helps to keep your home dry and comfortable.

Thermacore® garage doors are available in a varierty of different designs, colors, and finishes—so we can help you choose the look that’s right for your home. The result can transform the look of your home.

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